CCE Business Days are organised educational visits for select students, university graduates and young people aged 18-30, to major organisations in Cyprus.

Their purpose is to allow the selected individuals to familiarise themselves with the workplace, culture and inner workings of prominent enterprises, as well as provide an excellent opportunity for networking and potential employment.

The selection process will take place before and during Cyprus Career Expo 2019 and the Business Days will take place in the months following the Expo and consist of guided tours at the headquarters of each organisation, accompanied by presentations from senior executives.

Participate in Exclusive Business Days
at these Companies

Zorbas Bakeries Business Day
Melco Resorts Business Day
Hermes Airports Business Day
Business Day
Business Day

Submit an Application for a Business Day

Declare your interest to participate in a Business Day by filling out and submitting the form below.

DOs and DON’Ts for the Business Days

DO read the preselection requirements of each company before applying

DO send us your personal details and cv here ( put a link to the form)

DO declare your interest soon , as only 20 candidates will be selected for each business day

DO wait for a reply regarding preselection and be on time for your preselection interview at the CCE

DO apply for more than one business day if you wish

DON’T contact the companies directly

DON’T apply if you do not fulfil the initial requirements

DON’T miss this unique opportunity to get a good and personal insight on future employers

    Zorbas BakeriesMelco Resorts and EntertainmentHermes AirportsAmdocsKPMG

    What’s In It for Me?

    • Take advantage of a  unique opportunity to meet companies from within and meet senior executives, in a few cases and even with the Managing Director.
    • Gain an exclusive first hand view into how the various departments of the company operate
    • Usually the program also includes the development of a specialized subject related to the company
    • Network with both executives and other participants.
    • If the “Business Day” takes place during a time when a company is hiring, you will have the opportunity to make an excellent first impression and even find employment
    • Learn from the HR Managers about the selection procedures and the qualifications the company is looking for from its future executives.
    • A certificate of participation will be given, that can be included in your resume

    Selection Process

    1. Register using the form below (form will be available a few weeks before CCE 2019)
    2. Submit your resume and select the Business Days you would like to participate in
    3. A pre-selection will be made by the participating organisations and you will be notified in case you have been selected for a personal interview
    4. Your presence at the Cyprus Career Expo is essential. There will be a short personal interview with the participating companies
    5. At the end of the Expo you will be informed if you have been selected and for which Business Day(s)
    6. Business Days will take place 1-2 months after the Expo
    7. You may be selected for more than one Business Day